Update: Bout of Books 13

Bout of Books 13 is a read-a-thon going on from May 11 to May 17

My Daily Updates:

Monday 11th:

Read 286 pages of Tease by Amanda Maciel
Read 12 pages of Night of Cake & Puppets by Laini Taylor

Monday's Total: 298 pages

Tuesday 12th:

Read and finished  Tease- 42 pages 
Read and Finished  Night of Cake & Puppets- 88 pages
Read and Finished Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen- 96 Pages

Tuesday's Total: 276 Pages

Wednesday 13th:

Read 245 pages of Saint Anything

Thursday 14th:

No reading to be had. I moved apartments. 

Friday 15th:

Finished Saint Anything, 122 pages

Saturday 16th:

Started Coraline by Neil Gaimen, Read 63 pages

Sunday 17th:

Started Iron King by Julie Kagawa, Read 31 pages

Complete Total: 1035 pages

Books Completed (Total): 4


Attempted Books (Incomplete): 2 


V  T   C   Tattoo  Script  Two  Regular


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